Home Theater on a budget

Patrick Tyer

Feb 20, 2002
All, I have the fortune of moving into a new home in two weeks. The bonus room has been graciously given to me by my wife for the purpose of building a theater room. Feel free to take a look at the layout of the room here...


Here is where I need each of you to assist. I currently own a Panasonic PTAE300U projector with a 92" Stewart Greyhawk screen. For the time being, this is going to be what I continue to use. My dilemma is the audio. I am looking at the Pioneer Elite Series for my AV Receiver, Martin Logan's for my surround, and Velodine for my Sub. Not sure which models to get, but those are the names on the table right now. NOTHING is set in stone, this is just all I have looked at. For my audio, I have a total of about $10,000. to spend, so my options are pretty wide open, I just need help. I have never been allowed to spend so much on "toys" so I want to make sure I do it right the first time, there will be no second time for quite a while. I have also set aside about $1,000 for the Panamax Surge Protector/Filter I am looking at. Once I have all of this done, I am going to upgrade the projector, but this will be a work in progress.. PLEASE HELP


Senior HTF Member
Dec 9, 2001
Print that, make three copies, and hand one off to three HT installer / dealers in your area. Let them ask questions, answer them truthfully, listen to / write down their offers. Then come back and we'll tell you if they're full of BS or not.

$10K is wide open, and you'll get dozens of opinions.

Mine? Look for seperates - $1-2K for preamp, $1500 - 3000 for amps, the rest for speakers / sub/s / cables / wires.

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