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    Anyone here had trouble with them?
    Less than a year ago, I subscribed for two years. The other day, I was in Books-A-Million, and noticed that the September issue was out. Last issue I got was July, which meant I got it in June. I had wondered when a new mag was coming. When I saw that in the book store, I saw red!

    I came home, and sent Home Theater magazine an email about it, asking what's going on? I got an email back from a guy, telling me I had to contact Stereophile about it. He gave me an email address to send it to. I tried, but the email immediately came back. I sent the guy another email, telling him what happened. He had given me the wrong address, so he gave me another one. I tried that one. Same thing...........it immediately came back! On the third try (another email address), it finally went through.

    Two or three days later, I got an email back, saying they needed my mailing address to find my account. I sent it. Two or three days later, I got another email, saying they couldn't find me in their records. They needed my account number. I sent it.

    A couple of days later, I got another email saying my subscription was cancelled on May 1st. I sent them another email asking, "Why the hell was it cancelled? We hadn't cancelled it!" Afterall, I figure we are the only ones with the authority to do that. I also told them they were the most incompetent business I had ever dealt with, for that to happen! I told them to send my magazines, or send my money back!

    After a couple more days, I hadn't heard back. I told my wife, if I hadn't heard from them by tomorrow (today), I was going to call someone there, and cuss them out! I went to the web site, to get a phone number, and found the publisher's number. It turns out, the guy that gave me the wrong email addresses, twice, WAS the publisher! This company is just full of genius'. This morning I got an email from them saying, "We apologize that your account was cancelled in error. We have reactivated your subscription and you will receive the next issue within 4-6 weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused." I sent back an email telling them I expect my back issues, and I expect them before 4-6 weeks!

    Any of you had problems like this, with this company? This is just pure incompetence! How can they cancel someone's subscription, without the subscriber asking them to? When this subscription is up, I won't be renewing it.
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    I used to buy that magazine faithfully but at some point in the early 2000's the editor Brent Butterworth jumped ship and the quality of the magazine got a little less techy and more mainstream, and it became less interesting to me. I can't speak for your situation but it sounds frustrating as hell.

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