Home Theater Mag ratings of Sam DLP?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Lorne, Apr 14, 2003.

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    Can anyone explain the numerical 1-100 scores that Home Theater Mag uses to rate TV's? I just read this month's review of the Samsung DLP 61" HLM617W. They score the set in five categories of build quality, value, features, performance, and ergonomics. The ratings all range between 85 and 91. That seems pretty good to me, but is it? For a TV ranging anywhere from $4300 (Crazy Eddie) to $6000 (Tweeter), are these scores high or low?

    Furthermore, I went back to last year's Big Screen TV shootout in Home Theater Mag and the scores of the Sammy DLP set are comparable with the TV's they evaluated then, but some of those rear projection sets now cost between $2000 - $3000 less than the Samsung.

    Ok, I guess build quality, features, and ergonomics seem to be fairly comparable through the years, but are value and performance of the Sammy DLP set really comparable to the rear projection TV's reviewed last year?

    So, what is the meaning of these scores? Are the Sammy scores high or mediocre? Can they be compared from last year's sets to this year's? And do these scores make this set a good value, or not a good value? Any ideas?

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    The magazine explains its ratings system toward the front of each issue, usually near the letters column. Do the scores make certain sets "good values"? At least to the editors of Home Theater they do. Those scores are an internal ranking system, valid only if compared with other reviews in the magazine.

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