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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by joeVee, Jun 24, 2003.

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    I just bought the Kenwood HTB-705DV home theater in a box which consists of the Kenwood VR-616 receiver, the SW-15HT subwoofer, the DV-605 DVD player, and the KS-506HT speakers. My problems are no cables came with setup except for receiver and DVD hookups. I went to Best Buy and $150 later they recommended these cables: Monster Video 1, Monster Interlink Lightspeed 100, Monster Interlink 200, and Monster Speaker wire. My questions are: do I need all of these cables and I have no idea where they hook up? The colors don't match with the backs, and I have no idea were they go. I would like to have my TV in surround sound also. My TV is a Toshiba TP55H60 big screen. Any help is greatly needed. Thank you! Joe
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    May 10, 2003
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    If I were setting up that system, I wouldn't waste the money on monster cables. You paid $40 for the monster optical cable when the Acoustic Research one (also available at Best Buy) is only $20. Otherwise, it looks like you have the right stuff, HOWEVER, I'd return the cables and buy elsewhere (or just the cheaper brand) for half price (then you can spend $75 on DVDs).

    Anyway, you need at least the following.

    1. Speaker wire: Buy one spool and cut to length for each speaker. The terminals on the reciever should be marked as to the loaction of each speaker (i.e. Center, Left Rear, etc). Don't cross the streams ... it would be extremely bad. (sorry :b )

    2. Component Video cable (the one that has 3 connectors on each end): Connect this from the Component out on your DVD player (marked something like Y/Pb/Pr) to the input on your TV (which may say "DVD in" or Y/Pb/Pr or Y/Cb/Cr). To view this video, you need to make sure your TV is set to the proper input and the DVD player is set for progrssive scan (I think your TV can handle that).

    3. Digital Audio Cable: This can be optical or Coaxial (best buy sold you an Optical, that's OK they will probably sound equally as good). This wire will run from the DVD player's Optical Output to the Reciever's optical input. There's probably a plastic cap over the input/ouput that you'll have to pop off to insert the connector. Make sure the receiver is set to use the Optical input for DVD mode.

    Now your speakers are connected to the receiver, the DVD is sending video to your TV and sound to the receiver. From here, we'll need more information

    You said you want to hook your TV's sound into the receiver. Do you have a cable box? A satellite receiver? Or is your cable/antenna just hooked into the TV? In either case, you probably want to run stereo audio cables (looks like the component cable but only two connectors on each end) from the audio out on the TV to an available input on your receiver (pick something obvious like Video 1 or TV, just make sure it's not the same one you set up to use digital audio for the DVD)

    Do you have anything else you need to hook in? A CD player, X-Box, PS2 or Tivo?

    OK, this should get you started unless I've confused you even more. It's kind of hard to explain this stuff without physically showing you. When in doubt read the manual!!! Have fun.

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    Sorry for bumping an older thread. I'm going to be getting my first home theater system soon, which is also the HTB705DV. This thread helped me figure out what I will need for cables, so I figured I'd ask this here.

    What will I need to hook up the subwoofer? Something like this, or do I use some of the speaker wire?

    I want to make sure I have everything I need before buying the system. This is what I picked out:

    Acoustic Research 100' Roll of 16-Gauge Speaker Wire
    Acoustic Research 12' Component Video Cable
    Acoustic Research 6' Digital Optical Cable
    edit: Acoustic Research 20' Audio Cable: is this what I need to send the TV's sound to the receiver?

    I might also hook up a PS2. The TV will be a Samsung 30" Widescreen DynaFlat. What would be the best cable to get for this setup?

    Let me know, thanks.

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