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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Cougarman, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Hello My Name is Jon and I'm new to your forum. Not sure if I'm posting in the proper place as I'm learning to navigate your website. On Another note I'm looking to find a home for my Home Theater that was never completed. Not that you need the details, but a divorce halted this many years ago hence never completing it. and our new home does not lend itself to a theater set up or I would keep it all. Anyways I have: XV-Z9000U Sharp Projector ( Brand new, never removed from the box ) Faroudja Native Rate Video Processor 16:9 HD Display 720p ( Bought as a Demo ) Stewart Screen / Model: EM 110, Screen: Studiotek 130 , Serial# 96 EM 8680829 ( Bought as a Demo ) Ideally I would like to sell it as a package if anyone is interested. Open to all offers, not really sure where the market is anymore on this equipment. New the projector was 10g Processor and screen and 8g roughly new However between age, new, and demo somebody could get a hell of a theater pretty cheap and still have incredible picture and quality products. calls are welcome too Thanks for any and all interest and offers 616-540-4240 Jon Michigan
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    Navigate on down to the For Sale/Trade Classified section.

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