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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by nyoko77, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Hey this is my first time posting and needless to say I'm really new to all this... We are developing our basement into a media room, planning to run a projector with fixed screen, cable, xbox and blue ray. We are huge NFL fans and will be watching football every Sunday on the projector screen as well as 2 65" Samsung UN65EH6000 tv's. Any advise or comments will be greatly appreciated!!!

    Room Dimensions:
    Size of (screen) wall: 14f length x 9f height
    Length of room (wall to wall) 18f long

    Target size of screen ~100-115 inch

    What do you guys recommend in terms of hardware- projector and fixed screen (keeping in mind cable tv quality will be of highest importance). The basement is in the framing stage and we are thinking about 1 of the 3 below:

    1. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020e,
    2. Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6020UB,
    3. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5010e

    Biggest reason we like the Epson 3020/3020e is because of the wireless inputs upto 5 HDMI can be connected??? (THis will be beneficial during NFL season).

    Fixed Screen:
    HELP??!!!- what brand/size?

    We live in Canada but travel to the US frequently, any comments, suggestions, etc will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks alot!
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    Are you not running an audio system?Cause number of HDMI on the projector should be irrelevant.
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    Hey man, you're project sounds very similar to my setup. Here's what I would recommend.

    1. Buy the best projector you can afford, as it will be the mainstay of your system. If you can get it new great, if not 1 year old isn't bad. Epson has one of the best warranties around. Be sure the projector was originally purchased at an authorized retailer.

    2. Screen: Go DIY and save yourself some money. I've build several Blackout cloth screens and the performance is very close to screens 10x the price.

    3. Cables/Interconnects - Go with generic or DIY. Electricity is electricity. As long as you don't have ridiculously long cable runs you should be fine. Parts Express has good deals on bulk cable. I use blue jeans for a custom HDMI run to my projector from my rack

    4. Receiver - This you may need to spend some time whittling down. Brands I would recommend are Yamaha, Onkyo, Denon, Pioneer. Their middle to upper tier receivers should be able to meet your needs. Features and support for your speaker setup is going to be important.

    5. Speakers - Again, you'll spend a ton of time in this space listening and evaluating. Klipsch and Axiom are brands I have experience with. But you need to figure our what works in your room.

    6. Subwoofers - Probably 2. See comments about speakers above. I like SVS for subs, good performance decent price. I'm not sure of your budget but you could check out Hsu and JBL

    7. Blu-Ray - Oppo hands down

    8. Room Treatments - DIY. Check out ATS and GTK for materials and information.

    9. Beer - Sam Adams OctoberFest.

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