Home made short films?

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    Just was wondering if any one else has taken their camcorder and made any short films just for fun?
    My two oldest boys (9 and 11)and I have made 3 shorts to date and are working on "The Flight" a new screen play if you will!
    My 9 year old writes the stories and scripts, the 11 year old acts with the 9 year old and I am the director and cinematographer (camera man). My 9 year old made up the movie company name which is called "Big Bad Productions" "Big Bad Bear" has been his nick name I gave him sense birth.

    The movies to date are:

    The Ax Man: A crazed guy weilding an ax, a slasher movie made up camping.

    The Shadow: A mysterious shadow that sneaks up on unsuspecting victims. Also made up camping.

    Ghost Within The Walls: A ghost that haunts a young boy as he is alone in the house.

    You can see what types of movie they like to watch, although I will not let them watch slasher flix. We make these with no other equipment other than a Hi8 camcorder. Editing is a challenge as you could imagine but it makes for some laughs during playback.

    Oh, they are all shot in widescreen also!

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    My friends and I created quite a number of short films during high school, but I don't think they have the typical home-made feel. We used a digital video camera, imported the footage, edited it, and did post-production work. Sadly, we've grown apart during our college years, so we no longer get together to make little movies. It was definitely fun back in the day though.

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