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    I sure wish someone had told me about this but we had to find out the HARD way....

    About a month ago, my GF's sister began making beef jerky with her newly acquired jerky dryer and bringing a batch over to us occassionally. My 8 year old would tear that stuff up! Welllllllllll....... my son suddenly developed very loose stool, bordering on diarreah. When it continued for a few days, I took him to his pediatrician who ruled out the usual cuprits and send us home with the usual directions to handle dehydration. After another week of his symptoms, I took him back and his Ped began assessing other factors, looking for a cause. He suspected a parasite or something similiar so we call the school to see if they have been having any "Pet" days especially with turtles, reptiles etc. We have no pets in our immediate neighborhood so we were stumped. He was put on a product to rebuild his intestinal bacteria and he began getting better pretty quick. It was strange that all this problem was without ANY other symptom....... We found no "smoking gun" and really never found out a cause for this malady..... until...............

    Due to my son's (and our) love for jerky, I bought a dryer for our home use. While reading the info on it, something stood out...." use of the curing salts is required to eliminate the growth of bacteria during the drying process".

    My GF called her sister to inquire about her methods of curing and was told " no I ran out of the curing powder but it gets eat so quick, it didn't matter, did it?" HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!

    So beware, if you make you own jerky at home........ it could make oyu butt REAL SORE for weeks...........
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    Yes, you're lucky that it was just (probably) a common pathogen that infected your kid, not something dreadful like E. coli O157:H7.

    Food dryers/dehydrators heat stuff (jerky, herbs, fruits, etc.) to the perfect bacteria breeding temperatures.

    Always use whatever precautions/materials are provided by the manufacturer.

    I like to buy food from companies rather than using homemade stuff ... that way there is someone to sue if I get ill. [​IMG]

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