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  1. Jeffrey Chin

    Jeffrey Chin Second Unit

    May 22, 2001
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    I went on Sat & Sun
    What stood out was the VON SCHWEIKERT Count Basie Orchestra DSD demo (His speakers go down to 18hz..scary) as well as the
    FPS speaker demo (those speakers were designed by him as well)
    And of course the RUNCO demo in which the projector was placed in the corner around a wall, but the image still displayed on the screen.
    I have to give a shout out to the KRELL folks for their awesome demo of their new "budget" showcase series
    Anyone else hit the show? Your highlights appreciated
  2. John Dunlap

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    May 8, 2002
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    I attended the Expo on Saturday. Had a great time and I only wish that I could have attended one more day. There was a ton of stuff to see and not enough time to do it.

    The demos I attended were Krell/Faroudja, Runco, Dynaudio, Paradigm/Anthem, Outlaw and a few others. The Krell demo was very impressive. Probably the best sounding demo I attended. The Runco demo had the best picture quality. I also really enjoyed the Outlaw demo just because the guys were so cool and actually cared what the attendees had to say about their products.

    By the time I left the show I had seen about all I could take of the Phantom Menace podrace scene !!!

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