Hollywood Party: Hot Choc-late Soldiers

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    I recently purchased this DVD to get the Walt Disney animated sequence Hot Choc-late Soldiers. In the intro to the sequence it shows the sheet music for the song and just the slightest ghost image of what looks like Mickey Mouses hand appearing to play the piano. However everything else is plain white. You don't see Mickey's body or the piano. Could this actually be the way the movie looked in the theater or has some mistake been made. I'd be curious if anyone had any info about this.
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    My presumption is that in the final prints this opening segment would have been composited with the black-and-white footage. i.e., just the sheet music would have been in color, but mattes in the color element were needed when Mickey's b/w hands passed in front of it.
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    I thought something like that might be the case. I guess I won't hold my breath waiting for a replacement disc. This is a pretty cool novelty for Disney fans. Its pretty much a Silly Symphony in the middle of an MGM movie.

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