HK AVR520 died - need a solution

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by pondscum, Jul 14, 2011.

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    My HK AVR520 has given up the ghost. Given my current setup, the simplest thing for me would be to replace it with an HK 5.1 receiver with multi-zone out. Unfortunately, the new HK 5.1 receivers do not seem to have multizone capabilities. Does anyone know what the most recent discontinued HK 5.1 models had multi zone outs? I only need 5 channels in the main room, and have a 2 channel amp that I like in my second room with the HK remote repeater installed, so I was hoping to find a discontinued model that might be a drop in replacement. Otherwise, this is going to require more thought, and probably more expense. Suggestions for sonically similar 5.1 receivers would also be welcome. Thanks to all.
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    It looks like the 247/347 uses the Surround Back outputs of the 7.1 channel Pre-Outs for the Multi-Zone. So does the previous 245/445/645. The newer 2600 doesn't have Multi-Zone Pre-Outs but use the Surround Back channel amps to power the Multi-Zone. It looks like the 254/354 also use the SB Pre-Outs for Zone 2. I realize you asked for a 5.1 avr and those are 7.1 but they would do exactly what you want and the way you want to do it. The older 130, 135, 140, 144, 145, etc. are 5.1'a and they do have Tape Out and analog outputs for Video One which you might be able to use to supply a signal for your amp. You would need to down-load their manuals to see for sure. It looks like most 5.1 receivers are the very entry level models and thus don't offer Zone two. And 7.1 receivers power the Zone two off the Surround back channels. I currently have a 7200 which i agree has a fairly unique sound to it. Very clear and detailed yet musical.

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