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  1. Jesse Blacklow

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    Oct 14, 2002
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    Okay, so I got my 320 (refurbished from UBid) about a week and a half ago, and have learned more about it in the last two days, which is coincidentally (I'm sure [​IMG]) the same time I discovered this forum. So after registering here, I have some problems regarding the receiver itself and a general question about speaker setup. This is a long post from a first-timer, but here goes nothing...
    What I'm running:
    HK AVR320
    2 Wharfedale Sapphire 83 as front
    DCM KX-Center as center
    2 BIC DV52si as surround
    BIC 1010R as sub
    Sony PS2 for DVD, games, and CDs
    Sony Wega KV32FS13 as monitor.
    1) I've read a lot of discussion on Logic 7 being better than DPL II, but with my setup the opposite seems to be true. Maybe it's my system config, but with Logic 7, stereo output hardly changes. With DPL II I get a better surround effect. This goes for CDs, most PS2 games, and the TV. Also, I was under the impression that PCM stereo sources can be enhanced with Logic 7. However when I put in a 2.0 DVD (Army of Darkness: DC, Bob Roberts, Hudsucker Proxy to name a few), I get the choice between DD 2.0 or DPL II, but Logic 7 will not turn on.
    2) I noticed that the -10db LFE effect on DTS tracks is not just my ears. But I'm still confused on the best way to fix it on the 320. Right now my speakers are all set up as small for Dolby, DTS, and Logic 7; the sub level for DTS set to +5 . I know that this is not the LFE setting, but am I stuck with this compromise or can it be fixed somehow?
    3) Finally, my speakers are off my last HT setup, which was based off a 19" TV and Kenwood VR505. Should I chuck 'em? I've seen people say that Paradigms are a good match for the 320, and I've also been looking at getting an Ed Frias/EFE Technologies set. Should I save up or is there a relatively decent set I should go with (
  2. Joe Wilmore

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    Do yourself a favor and get the EFE Technologies speakers. I have the T-22's, and they are my final speakers. Paradigms are not even close.
  3. DonJ

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    I have Paradigm Monitors on mine and they work great.
    But I am upgrading to the reference Studios next month and also going to a Anthem AVM 20 pre/pro

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