HK AVR-520 and Multi Room

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Bob_Lawrance, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I was wondering how hard it is to use the multi room function of the avr 520.

    Has any one ever done it?

    What do I need to do it?
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    I own an H/K 520 and while I haven't done multi-room you will need an external two channel amp (or receiver) and cables/speaker wire to hook it up with, and a remote IR and wire for the supplied multi-room remote control. You can also use the main remote if you wish (or none at all). To activate it, go into the OSD's main menu and choose "Multi-In" and change from Off to On. You can also select the input source and volume from the OSD if you choose not to use a remote. See page 16 for installation and 36 for operation. If you don't have a manual you can down load one from H/K's web site via AdobeAcrobat. I always thought it was alot to go thru but I'm sure it's less complicated than it looks once you get it all hooked up. Hope this helps.

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