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HK AVR 110 or Denon 1601? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 9, 2002
I can get both these receivers for the same price.

Which one should i get?

Any concerns about any of them?


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Dec 9, 2001
I have the 110-

"Digital Delay". When playing a cd thru my DVD player (optical), I miss the first 1/4 second of sound. My reg CD player is analog out only. You must use a digital input to be able to set the speakers to small. Otherwise I'm running large fronts plus a 100 hz cut to the sub, and you can't change it.

The volume control is in -db's which is good, but when calibrating and you are in the -0db neighborhood you hear an audible blip with every db change. Goes away at about -6db.

The remote is fine for me, but it's universal function is nuts. Say you want to control the DVD player. You press DVD on the remote, which changes ALL of the buttons to some kind of DVD function. To get back to the rec. functions, you must press AVR. If you need to tweak the settings on something in your system you need to take care not to point the remote at any devices when switching, because in order to change the remote function, you are hitting a source button, and the AVR will respond. Not a huge thing, but annoying.

No B speaker jacks.

Very bright display in a dark room. The main portion can be dimmed or turned off, but the red and green indicators stay.

No Phono, if you care.

100hz crossover to the sub, not adjustable.

No speaker distance settings. Biggie?

OTHERWISE, the power is plenty for me, and I have 86db NHT's. It looks cool IMO, and have the best sound I've been able to afford so far.

Look at harmanaudio.com for some really good deals on rebuilts and closeouts. Rebuilds are a good deal because they have the latest revisions, have been quality checked twice and are guaranteed! (Mine is not a rebuild)

I paid $318 from Vanns.com ~10 months ago.

I've never heard a Denon......

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