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    I have a smaller living room 13X15 to go along with my smaller budget and I went with the HK 120 receiver. I am happy with it, no complaints, but just wondering what I am missing out on when you compare the 120 to the 320. Here are a couple differences I don't understand:

    Difference 1:

    HK-120 Analog Source Decoding: 45dB

    HK-320 Pro Logic® Decoding: 40dB

    The 120 has Pro Logic II, but don't know why it lists analog decoding and the 320 lists Pro Logic decoding.

    Difference 2:

    HK-120 High Instantaneous Current Capability: ±25 Amps

    HK-120 High Instantaneous Current Capability: ±35 Amps

    I assume this relates to the range of sound that it is capable of.

    Thanks for any clarification, and if there are any other unknown values with the 320 or comparable receivers please post them as well.
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    In the first instance, this refers to adjacent channel separation, correct? I don't know why the different nomenclature was used or a different value given. E-mail H/K...their tech people are very good at getting back to you and answering anything you can throw at them.
    The other issue is related to peak levels. The higher the HCC rating, the more dynamic the receiver potential. Here's a useful Onkyo info site on these kinds of things:

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