Hitachi's "1080p II" video processor

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Kevin Lamb, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I was at Sears yesterday and saw the Hitachi 55VF820 LCD with advertised 1080p II video processor with 12 bit/68 billion color capability.

    I asked a sales person if it was really a 1080p set since the price was far below others with that resolution. He said, "Yep, we were shocked too when we saw that price."

    So I asked for a printout out of the TV's specs and sure enough resolution is listed at 1280 x 720p. I explained that 720p means 1080i and NOT 1080p. He just nodded and looked confused.

    So what's the deal with "1080p II"? I did a search on Google and these forums and have found no information.
  2. Sami Kallio

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    720p means 1080i? I think it means 720p... [​IMG]

    "VirtualHD™ 1080p II Video Processor

    Proprietary Hitachi video processing technology ensures superior performance, whether you're viewing a DVD, an over the air broadcast or HDTV from cable or satellite. VirtualHD™ 1080p II technology analyzes every frame as a digital still image. An advanced technique, dynamic histogram processing, digitally maps the incoming signal to optimize on-screen contrast, color and sharpness. The VirtualHD™ 1080p II processor performs this highly sophisticated process in real time, for improved depth, detail, and color performance.

    Models: VF720, VF820, VG825 Series"
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    All of Hitachi's lcd based rptvs are 720p. The processor supposedly converts everything to 1080p, processes it, then converts it back down to 720p. None of these sets will accept or display 1080p. They will accept 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i. If you look at their advertising they claim some kind of
    1080p processing for their crt based sets, all of which display at either 1080i or 540p.

    In practice every Hitachi lcd based rptv I've looked at had a funny effect on vertical camera pans regardless of source--for the duration of the vertical camera pan there are what looks like good old 480i scanlines all over the screen. Doesn't happen all the time and doesn't do it for long but it would drive me nuts in short order.

    Hitachi made some very highly regarded crt based sets, and since Sony and Mitsubishi are out of the crt business the ones they make now are one of the better choices among crt based rptvs, but I don't think they are doing very well at the transition to microdisplay rptvs. Shame as the specs and inputs as well as the styling of their lcd based rptvs are quite nice.

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