Hitachi vs. Mitsubishi HD

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    High definition 16:9. Which way would you go considering all factors including price?
  2. Matt Heebner

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    Jul 2, 2000
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    I went with the Mits over Hitachi and Toshiba for basically two reasons.
    Mitsubishi offers "The Promise", a STB that will conform to whatever standard for transmission and encryption is decided on in the future. Atleast there is written proof that Mits has stated this, and will stand by it.(at a nominal fee to the consumer. many have said it will be under $1000, but thats a hellava lot better than having to buy a new TV cause the new standards renders yours useless)
    Mitsubishi looks pretty good out of the box. When I was doing research on the TV I bought, it seems like a favorite for a lot of the experts in the know (ISF Calibrationists, Mr.Bob from HTSpot, etc.) because of the extreme "tweakability" of these sets to make an incredible picture even better.
    I absolutly love my TV, and have done some minor tweaks to it, and it looks stunning with DVD's (no HD as of yet).
    If you can, try and demo these in a higher end A/V store where the chances of the TV being properly set up is better than in BestBuy, and make a decision on what you see. Also keep in mind tweakabilty, and track record as well.
    Have fun...
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