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    Up until this weekend I had no idea Hitachi was putting out 16:9 RPTV's, but i went into Sears with the folks and was blown away by the 53" Hitachi 16:9 RPTV they had on display. It absolutely blew everything else on display out of the water. I thought i was out of the market for a RPTV 16:9 after disasterous Toshiba TW40X81 experiences, but the Hitachi seemed not to suffer from a lot of the problems I seem to find with RPTV pictures (soft focus, color shifting when you move from side to side, covergence, etc).

    Anyway, I did a search and it seems like there were some quality control issues with this set, and i'm wondering if anyone knows if this has been addressed, or if there are any other reasons to stay away from this set. Some compatibility issues with progressive scan dvd players and some hitachi 16:9's have been mentioned - will a RP91 work with the new Hitachi widescreens?

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    The compatibility problems with certain dvd players occured on last year's models, with "01B" in the model numbers. The current models are either 53UWX10B or 53SWX10B and don't have that particular issue. The SWX models have 6 element lenses vs 5 for the UWX line, and built in dd decoding and amplification.
    I'd strongly suggest you check out the Hitachi forum over at Home Theater Spot. The Hitachis are not without issues. I think most of the reports of blanking are not related to dvd player incompatibility, but some other problem.
    I had a 53UWX10B for a couple of weeks. It had a problem with green tinting of the dark end of the grayscale, and it's line doubler made my cable almost unwatchable--far worse than the analog Hitachi rptv it replaced. There was also severe variation in black level when changing channels.
    There have since been reported ways of fixing the green in the service menu, but the line doubler was enough to make me return the set.
    To be fair, dvd and HD pictures were stunning.
    I really wanted to like the set because I'd been so happy with the analog Hitachi I'd had previously, but just couldn't get around it's line doubler artifacts and inconsistent black level. It didn't seem to be able to display a true red, more of an orangeish red. Fleshtones on all but the best signals looked like flat latex paint--no subtlety at all. It's variable stretch mode was pretty bad-way too much funhouse mirror effect.
    Of course your cable may be better than mine, so your results may vary.
    Also I had the UWX, and the SWX is supposed to do better fleshtones, though it does use the same line doubler.
    I swapped for a Sony KP57HW40, and am now a happy camper--much better color, consistent blacks when changing channels. Good realistic faces. It's variable stretch is a lot easier on the eyes with far less funhouse mirror effect.
    My overall impression was that the Hitachi had somehow missed whatever calibration occurs at the end of the assembly line, it just didn't seem like a finished product. The Sony was good out of the box, and great after just a 20 minute session with AVIA.
    I think most of my issues with the Hitachi would have been solved with an ISF calibration, but I'm 250 miles from the nearest tech so pretty much have to get what looks best with just an AVIA setup.

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