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    Another member had posted the following in August 2001.
    Anyone have experience with these TVs?
    I am wondering how Hitachi direct view TV's stack up with other's (Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC...)?
    In the March 2001 Consumer's Report, it rated Hitachi's best for 32" and 36" analog sets (32UX01S, 36UX01S). What do you think about Consumer Report reviews?
    Hitachi's web site lists new HDTV ready model numbers: 32UDX10S and 36UDX10S.
    It says they have "3:2 Film Correction". Is this the "squeeze" for anamorphic DVDs?
    My main concern is how my analog cable will look and second is DVD viewing. I am leaning toward an analog set, but am still considering an HDTV ready set.
    Has anyone seen the Hitachi analog 32(36)UX01S or the HDTV ready 32(36)UDX10S? Are they available anywhere?
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    I have a 36UDX10S and I am happy with it. I got mine last Christmas, and at that time I found it to be the best value for the money for a HDTV monitor.
    If your main viewing is going to be cable, then you want to take a good look at what it looks like right now. If you have a fair amout of snow or other interference, then it will look worse on the digital monitor. Remember that if you aren't happy with your cable picture, service calls are usually free. HDTVs are best for dvd and other higher quality sources, but they can have better picture than an analog set the same size because of the lack of scan lines. For me, I say that I have better picture quality with my HDTV than I would with an analog set the same size. I have adjusted my settings on my set, and the most important one for me was turning the sharpness down to 35%. That made a significant improvement to the picture quality. Overall, I would recomend going for a digital set.
    The 3:2 pulldown is different than the anamorphic squeeze. It works in the Movie mode in the theater settings and has to do with converting film based material, which is 24 frames per second. NTSC tv is 30 frames per second, so the 3:2 pulldown corrects the picture and reduces any artifacts that might occur from the two different rates. This only applies to dvd, and not cable, since all cable sources are already at 30 fps.
    The 32/36UDX10S also has an aspect control for anything coming into it via the component input. This is great since you can have all of the picture info being used for the picture and none being wasted on the "black bars" that you would happen on an analog set.
    More info about the 32/36UDX10S Here
    Circuit City has the Hitachi's where I live.
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    I also have the 36UDX10s that I got about a month ago. I have been very happy, and it was a cheap way to get into HDTV without spending a lot of money (got mine for about $1200). I have DirectTV (I have not got a HDTV tuner yet), and must say that, for most channels, the picture is much better than on an analog set. DVDs look great, especially with the "squeeze mode".

    Both the 32 and 36" sets are, like I said, a great, cheap way to get into HDTV. They are cheaper than the others, because the screen is not flat, there is a slight curve to the screen.

    Hope this helps.

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