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Rick Radford

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May 12, 2001
I've been valiantly trying to determine how/if my PQ would increase if I upgraded my current JVC 32260 to a digital set.. but just couldn't seem to find a determinative answer anywhere.
Today, I yielded to temptation and picked up the Hitachi 32UDX10S from CC (~$1200) and thought I'd try it out at home. (I have about 10 days left on my JVC return window).
I set up the Hitachi with component cables and RCA audio from the RP91. I also did RCA from the TV audio out to my Onkyo 989. I have digital coax between the RP91 and the 989.
Next I calibrated the TV with both Avia and VE.. and found they were both in agreement. Brightness and contrast actually did a good job holding blacks with both the small and large phluge tests (unlike the JVC which could not hold black between the two tests). Red was spot on, but blue was about -10% and green was around -15% on the decoder checks. (note: later calibrated again and all numbers bumped up about 5%).
The Hitachi has a very nice picture with both cable and DVD. Still, the JVC had a very nice PQ with both analog cable and the RP91 via component video cables.
Without a doubt, the Hitachi has a sharper, clearer PQ on cable than the JVC. That line doubler must do a nice job on my analog cable. However, I seem to notice a slight greenish cast to the display (I'm running both sets off cable at the same time). Also, either the JVC tends to elongate faces.. or the Hitachi squishes them from the vertical just a bit... enough so that people have a slight pin-head look to them.
I set the RP91 to 16:9 mode and also set the TV for 16:9. The aspect button on the TV remote lets me switch back and forth on the AR. (note: changed the RP91 back to 4:3 mode later.. no real change noted anywhere. The aspect button still lets me change the AR when I'm on component input.)
The only DVD I had on hand which mentioned enhanced for 16:9 widescreen (1.77:1) was Toy Story.
To be honest, I'm not sure I can see any difference between progressive scan on and off. I just hit the PS button on the RP91 and about 3 seconds later the pic comes back up.
This is disappointing. I was hoping to really notice a difference with both progressive scan AND the squeeze. But going into this test, I was concerned that 32" might be too small to really notice that much change w/r/t PS and the squeeze.
Have I got it all set up right? Is TS not a good sample to try this on?
I've also got James Taylor Beacon Hill concert in right now. But it doesn't say anything about being anamorphic. In fact, if I use the AR button to squeeze it down, the people are squished horizontally (fat faces).
In TS, if I go full screen, faces seem elongated.. so I figure squeezed is the right AR. But I don't lose any side detail by going full screen... which puzzles me. Obviously, I have no clue what I'm doing yet.
I'm sure I'm missing something here, but I just don't know enough about this yet to figure it out.
I really want to like this Hitachi. But unless I'm missing something, I can't justify the additional cost based on the pluses/minus I've observed thus far.
Any thoughts?
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Rick Radford

Supporting Actor
May 12, 2001
Stand by!
I just discovered that I can hook my RP91 to the JVC 32260 via S-video and at the same time watch the Hitachi using component cables with PS enabled!
Now I can compare not only the PQ with cable input, but now with DVD input!
Guess I'll now discover just how (in)accurate my memory may have been in comparing DVD/JVC std def vs DVD/Hitachi with PS & the squeeze!
I don't think I'll lose very much detail on the JVC using S-video over component cables. (I hope)

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