Highlights of Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 Keynote 6/9/08

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ronald Epstein, Jun 9, 2008.

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    What are some apps you'd like to see released for the iPhone? I have a few I can think of right now.

    A GPS map program geared towards hikers or boaters, with built in topographic maps or marine charts. (BTW, what is the difference between regular GPS and the Assisted GPS that the new iPhone has?)

    I'm an EMT, so some medical reference software and a drug database program would be nice to have, just as a learning tool so I could look up drugs I'm not familiar with. Also, I plan on attending Paramedic school in a year or so, and it sure would be a nice study tool for that.

    A Memo Pad type program with a stylus and handwriting recognition.

    An iPhone version of DeliciousLibrary, allowing you to use the camera to scan barcodes (don't know if this would work or not!)

    Er... I'm sure I'll think of more!
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    Crayon Physics, Loopd and Band are my top three

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