Highlander Specs !

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    Highlander Specs !

    The release date for the discs is April 16th.

    "There will be two editions...Both are THX approved and the extended (a.k.a director's cut) version of the film. The film's new transfer and audio restoration were supervised and approved by the film's producer William Panzer.

    The first is a single disc DVD priced at $14.98 with the following features...

    - Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs

    - Audio Commentary with Director Russell Mulchahy and Producers Peter S. David and William Panzer

    - Theatrical Trailers

    - Talent Bios

    - DVD ROM Link to official Highlander Web Site


    English: 6.1 DTS-ES

    English: Dolby Surround EX

    English: Dolby Surround 2.0

    French: Dolby Surround 2.0

    Close Captioned, Region 1


    The second edition will be a 2-disc set priced at $39.98, packaged in a silver tin slipcase. It features the same commentary and extras as the above set, with these ADDITIONAL extras featured across the two discs:

    DISC ONE - As above, plus...

    - HIGHLANDER Poster and Still Gallery

    - Queen Music Videos: "Who Wants To Live Forever", "A Kind Of Magic", and "Princes Of The Universe"

    - Queen Still Gallery

    - DVD ROM Link to Queen Online

    DISC TWO -

    Queen companion CD featuring Princes Of The Universe, Friends Will Be Friends, and a never-before-released extended version of One Year Of Love

    The two disc set will also contain a special booklet with photos and liner notes as well. "
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