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    is it the only way to receive hd is through a sattelite dish?...can get it through cable...etc...

    hd is better than digital cable right?

  2. Richard Travale

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    Rich Travale
    It depends on where you are living. In some cities you can receive OTA or off the air HD transmissions. All you need for that is an OTA HD box and an antenna. You can get HD from satellite as well.
    There are some cable companies that provide HD channels. Roger's cable in Canada is one that I know of for sure. Again it depends on where you live.

    Yes, HD would be better than digital cable.
  3. Vince Maskeeper

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    You should really do some reading on HDTV, as it is an entirely different format from digital cable, all the way down to its core. While digital cable is simply a carrier method for standard NTSC type video-- HDTV is an entirely different video format (regardless of carrier). This is an important concept to grasp if you want to be informed on HDTV and options related to HDTV.

    HDTV is available in many areas over the air, like via antenna broadcasting. Some Dish services offer HDTV feeds (with specific decoders and dish systems, so make sure you know what you're getting before you buy)---- and in some markets HDTV is available via the cable system (this is rare though).

    Again- I would strongly suggest boning up on even the basics of HDTV because your post lets on that you might have some misunderstandings of the format.

  4. JasonKrol

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    comcast digital cable does carry HD, but its limited, and requires the rental of an additional box (in addition to the digital box). and if you dont have HBO or SHO your looking at only 2 HD channels..ABC and NBC. (since they currently only carry the 4 HD channels)
    you can get HD with satellite but requires that your dish be able to point to different long/lat than regular sat channels..and most sat only offer HBO, SHO, HDNet (special HD channel) and sometimes the locals in HD also. (Im not too sure on Sat HD).
    Your best bet is to try to get an Over The Air HD receiver and rooftop antennae. (good luck with that by the way) You cant get HBO or SHO this way, but you can get whatever is available in your area (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and possible others..(FOX 480p?)

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