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Matthew Cook

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 7, 2004
Well I have been a member for a while but I have been reading not posting this is what I have so far. I have a room in the basement. My basement is 35ft long I made the theater room 12ft wide and 35ft long. (The basement is wider but I have a game room on the other side) I know thats a little tunnel like but In the back I am putting all 600 dvds 30 ps2 games and tons of cds. The back of the room opposite the Da-lite screen I have (it is 8ft by 6ft)will have a 4ft area before my first 2ft platform that my couch will set on. The second platform will be a foot tall which will also have a couch on it. I have a infocus X1 projector that is mounted on the ceiling. As far as sound I have all RCA componets I know it is kinda of cheap but I am only 24 what do you expect! I have a 500 watt dolby digital a/v receiver which powers the center, front left and right and the middle speakers. I have a 300watt powered sub handles the bass and powers the rear left and right speakers. I have been pondering the acoustic foam for wall covering you know the egg foam stuff that you would see in radio staions. What do you think? I like the way the Cinemax home theater looks but dont want the glamous look I want a nice looking theater. I like the way they used fabric is that easy to do.Can somebody help with the wall covering. I need a supper cheap solutions that will look nice

Jason Kirkpatri

Second Unit
Jan 6, 2002
Hey Mathew,

Sounds like you have a lot of stuff but no real plan for it all. I'm assuming that nobody is responding to your post because it is too open-ended.

I suggest you come up with some concrete ideas, evaluate them, and then ask for "judgement" on your selected idea. Do a search and you'll find a wealth of information that will guide you in determing a starting point for your room.

Try the AVS archives for their section on the home builder part of their forum. Lots (100+ pages) and lots of info.

Make a plan and present the plan to the membership. You'll have a better response.

Good luck,


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