Hey Sony TV buyers... here is what Sony thinks of YOU!

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    quote: Said Mitch Singer, a senior vice president at Sony Pictures Entertainment, "We keep our high-definition content in a vault.... It doesn't make any sense to broadcast high-definition content in the clear." He contended that most consumers wouldn't notice the downgrading because their sets would convert the signals into simulated HDTV.[/quote]
    Isn't it nice to hear that the VP of Sony doesn't think that with your new Sony HD set you can notice the difference between true HD and set upconverted stuff???
    It was suggested in another forum that Mr Singer ought to then consider only simulated sex from now on... since his partners would probably not notice the difference anyway! [​IMG]
    Are we all just wasting our money on these HD sets??? If not, then at least why are we spending our hard earned money supporting those very scumbags that only try to hinder HD, and our attempts at getting the most out of THEIR products???
    You can read the whole discouraging article http://www.latimes.com/technology/la-000081080oct11.story
    God Bless America!!!
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    How typical of sony... They dont really care about the consumer, all they care about is that you buy their product... and thats why for sony stuff, you're paying an extra $100 for each letter on the brand. S O N Y
    And yes, consumers will (well, at least most) see the differnce between a true 1080i signal, and a crappy cable image upconverted using sony's DRC... Why do you suppose sony stores never demo real cable video, instead they insist on playing special 'SONY' demo DVDs? Becuase their DRC is piss poor, and would enhance all the noise and stuff in a normal Sat/Cable signal...

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