Hey Phil how come you went with the S26 vs the S38? or even S36?

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  1. Marcus Lewis

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    Oct 27, 2001
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    Do you consider one superior to another? Asthetic reasons?

    I'm still on the fence with the Klipsch vs JBL's ... almost ... JBL ...
  2. Phil Iturralde

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    Oct 7, 1998
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    Four reasons (in order of consideration):
    1) Right Rear Surround space consideration! - the S38 & S36 won't fit here, and my priority was at least four identical speakers anchoring the Fronts & Surrounds! Think, 360-degree, seamless timbre match surround sound!
    2) Cost vs. performance - budget! [​IMG] Hearing, ... is believing!
    3) Crossover dips @ the crossover points - more of an issue w/poorly designed 3-way x-over components (though, not true w/JBLs) vs. 2-ways (S26 x-over @ 2 kHz)
    4) Imaging qualities - been using satellite / sub (passive & power) for 21 years** or so, and IMHO found the imaging far superior than the floorstanding offerings. Consider the S26 as a large satellite, but it's imaging qualities is as good as the highly reviewed JBL N24.
    That's about it! Sounds glorious w/my SVS 25-31PCi!!! [​IMG]
    **Bought the highly reviewed*+* Design Acoustics DA-30 Stereo-trio around 1981 (*+*by Stereo Review - Julian Hirsch owned a set),
    - DA-10 Satellite : 1" soft-dome / 5" mid
    - DA-20LF: 12" dual voice coil woofer Passive Sub.
    My son now uses it in his bedroom! When we remodeled our bedrooms, we used RC Channels and R19 Insulation in my sons 4 walls and ceiling! Use a solid core door to help out minimize the SPL's (he also had a Tama Rock Drum set in his room too!) Forgot about the floor, so when he's rocking, we can feel the sub thru the floor boards! [​IMG]
    Didn't update this setup until around 1997 (that's when my son got the DA-30), when I finally upgraded to a DPL HT setup - JBL J-Series.
    So in my case, it was a personal preference! If you got the room, budget, etc., get the CEA Innovations 2000 Design and Engineering Award Winner JBL S38's!!!!

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