Hey Kyle....how you can improve your sales by "tricking" the SAF

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  1. Do like the sex industry does[​IMG]
    ::Shipping policy::
    All Acoustic Visions products will be shipped in plain brown packaging. There will be no idication that your order is for audio gear. The return information will be the Following:
    Visionary Investments
    574 S. 200 W.
    Brigham City, Ut. 84302
    ::Billing Policy::
    All billing information will not indicate any audio affiliation. All billings will be to Visionary Investments.
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    I can wrap it in pink wrapping paper with bows if you want [​IMG]
    Billing might be a bit more difficult though, but they cant track cash can they?
    Once she opens the pink wrapping paper and finds out what it really is then I have a new policy in effect:
    "No returns whatsoever, no phone calls from angry spouses, and my e-mail isnt working anymore for some reason" [​IMG]
  3. or better yet: all spouse induced returns are subjuct to a 200% restocking fee=) That ought to do it as well=)

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