Here's a new one, lol CD Replicator

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by dougW, Aug 9, 2003.

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    Rocket CD Replicator made by the now defunct "Smart and Friendly". Well, they may have been friendly, but apparently not to smart since they went belly up.

    Or maybe they used all their smarts and cash up on this:

    Ever get tired of making CDs on your computer? Maybe you are in business and need to copy the same thing over and over for handing out to the public. The Rocket will store 5 CDs on it's on board hard drive, then you copy it to CD-R as many times as you want. Not all CDs will copy on it, most do, but there is the occasional one it can't read.

    Fully functional with original box. No manual. It's intuitive, and your prompted every step of making CDs, with beeps as it's time for you to put in a new blank, in the process.

    I paid 700.00 for this thing. I wasn't to smart either, lol. Asking 250.00 OBO plus shipping.

    It's a collector item, it's a cool computer toy, and it's yours if you buy it now. [​IMG]

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    heheh I like your sense of humor Doug. What speed does this unit burn at? By the way you have some gorgeous speakers.


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