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Helping my brother-in-law upgrade, need help.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by DaveHo, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. DaveHo

    DaveHo Supporting Actor

    Dec 11, 2001
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    Being the electronics junkie of the family, my brother-in-law has asked for my help in picking out a new receiver. Trouble is I've been using separates for a long time & am not very well versed on the current crop of receivers.

    A little background. He is not an audiophile. He currently has a Polk 5.1 speaker system he will be using for the time being. Not sure of the model, they're little sats with a sub. I'll be helping him upgrade that down the road as well & will probably push him to an Ascend/SVS combo. His current receiver is a 5.1 Onkyo with somewhere in the neighborhood of 100WPC. He has just moved into a new house that I help him pre-wire for speakers on the deck & in the kitchen, so it will need to be multi-room capable. Video switching is not important to him. Based on having some issues with his Onkyo, he is wanting to stick with an authorized dealer to avoid warranty hassles. Looking to spend in the neighborhood of $1000.

    Based on what I've been able to dig up so far, and my previous experience with Denon products, the 3805 looks to be a good choice in that price range. I guess my big question is, what competes with the Denon at that price? The room he will be using this in is rather large & opens up to a good portion of the house. Sorry I don't know the exact size, but suffice to say the more power the better. However, I doubt he will be trying to achieve reference levels anyway. I would recommend the Outlaw 1070, if it had a little more power. While I think it would be fine for his current speakers, I'm not sure how it would do with something larger if he wanted to push it. For now he has no desire to add external amps. I would help him set things up and get it calibrated using AVIA, so the automagical calibration some receivers have is a moot point.

    Suggestions for other models consider would be great.


  2. FeisalK

    FeisalK Screenwriter

    May 1, 2003
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    the new JVC D702 looks like a contender in that price range (actually about $799) plus it seems as future~proof a receiver you can get today. (Digital hybdrid amp, HDMI switching and video upconversion, wireless network)

    you can download a brochure here (2.3mb PDF)

    • Hybrid Feedback Digital Amplifier Ver. III
    • HDMI — for single-cable, all-digital transmission of audio and video signals
    • Wireless Connection with PC — enjoy playback of music files from PC
    • USB Input for receiving audio signals from PC
    • SIRIUS Input and SIRIUS Control on Remote
    • On-Screen Display
    • Center-Channel Alignment
    • Virtual Surround Back for creating even wider sound field without a surround back speaker
    • 3D Headphone
    • Video Up-Conversion (to HDMI) for single-cable output of high-quality video from any input terminals
    • One-Touch Operation
    • DSP Digital Equalizer
    • Multi-Brand A/V-STB (CATV/DBS) Glow Remote Control

    Unfortunately can't say how it sounds like, but the JVC digital hybrid amps have gained quite a reputation on Audiocircle.com especially for the analog sound; I do own a Panasonic XR25 receiver and can tell you the digital amps give you performance at least twice their price. I'd have no hesitation recommending a Panasonic XR55 if your price range was around, uh.. $250 [​IMG]

    At the very least the JVC deserves to be on the audition list, if there is a retailer nearby.

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