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    A general question to all...I'm planning to add a subwoofer along the line for a 2 ch. setup. Which connection method would you go: (1) Audio source+tube preamp+amp+sub+speakers or (2) Audio source+preamp(with sub preout)+sub & amp+speakers. [​IMG]
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    Here are some pointers from Mapleshade Audio that I have tried and can claim that they work!!

    •For seamless subwoofer sound, use only the speaker cable input, not the RCA input. In addition, connect the two main speakers directly to the main amp output, not to the subwoofer's output. Always fire the subwoofer driver left or right, not at you or down into the floor. Set the crossover at the lowest possible frequency that doesn't leave a bass gap. You'll be amazed at the overall transparency you gain.

    • Contrary to manufacturer hype, subwoofer placement is crucial. To get clean bass attacks, subwoofers must be precisely (±1") the same distance from your ear as the midrange driver. Corner placement always leads to boom. Also, subwoofers sound much cleaner on cones than on spikes or rubber feet.

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