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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by DanielLI, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Before I state what my problem is let me tell you what I have running in my audio setup as of right know so it will give you some background so someone can help me.

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-5700s
    2Power Amps: Crown powers amps 5002vz and cpx2600 one running my front speakers and the other the rear speakers.
    Front Channel: Are two Avalon Eidolon series floor standing speakers
    Rear Channel: Are two Avalon ASCENDANT series floor standing speakers
    Center Channel: B&W Nautilus HTM1
    Subwoofer: Mirage FRX-S8
    SACD/DVD player: Sony SCD-1
    Speaker/component wiring: Monster Cable Digital Reference speaker cables and SACD audio output cables are from Apature.

    My problem is that I am outputting the audio from the SACD player via two Apature cables using the RCA outputs. My dilemma is if I upgrade to a digital receiver with digital inputs so that I can enjoy “true” surround sound will I lose the great unbeatable sound output from the “chipless” pioneer receiver that I currently have to the chip powered new age digital receivers. Or does it really not matter, because true music is listened to only in stereo rather than in a surround sound configuration. Just as a note, my two rear speakers both output mono sound.

    Can someone please give me a suggestion on what to do in my situation?

    Thank You

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    Maybe you should look for a receiver that advertises some sort of "Direct" or "PureDirect" mode. (though those are probably both Onkyo expressions)

    Since you have a allegedly high quality analog source, you'd probably want to stay away from digital amplifiers.

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