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Nov 30, 2000
Just received my SVS 25-31 PC and having some issues with calibration.
My current setup has bass management on the DVD player i.e. I am sending 5.1 out from the DVD player to my 5.1 channel pre-amp.
The pre-amp does not have db settings for the volume control, so I have calibrated the 5 speakers to read 73db on the SPL meter at a given volume setting. The subwoofer level on the DVD player is set to -5db according to the recommendation in the SVS Manual. I have also set the volume control on the subwoofer to 3/4 the max as per recommendations in the manual. The pre-amp's sub-out is connected to the sub's line-in using a co-ax cable.
The levels for all the speakers were set using the DVD player's test tones.
I am trying using the AVIA DVD to calibrate the speakers and subwoofer. But with this method, I cannot change the levels without going back to the DVD player controls. Is this the correct way of calibrating?
When using the AVIA subwoofer test tones and comparing it with the fronts, I get different readings on the SPL meter for the LF and the Center (haven't tried matching the RF and sub). The sub level is lower than the LF and significantly higher than the Center. Am I supposed to ensure that all levels match? How do I achieve this?
When playing 5.1 material, the Sub's response seems fine irrespective of LARGE/SMALL settings for the mains, but with stereo material, with the SMALL setting, although I get more bass, the bass is very directional and boomy and the mid-range (vocal) sounds congested. The DVD player crossover for SMALL is 80Hz.
My Mains are bookshelves going down to 50Hz.
The main reason for my subwoofer purchase was to complement the mains for Music listening so I am concerned that a sub may not be the right solution for me. Or, maybe I am not setting it up correctly.

Jeremy Anderson

Nov 23, 1999
While I could go into detail about calibration, I think the following article by Vince Maskeeper is sufficient:
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