Help with Subwoofer hookup.

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    A friend of mine just bought a polk rm6700 setup with a polk powered sub. He's confused on the correct way to hook up his sub so I figured I'd ask you guys.

    His manual that came with the speakers and sub say the best method is to run the 2 front speakers directly to the sub then connect the sub to the receiver. Doesn't this only give him a 5.0 system instead of 5.1??

    He wants to hook it up via the rca jacks on the sub to the LFE connection on the receiver. This should give him a 5.1 setup. However there is a section in his subs manual saying not to do this because there could be a conflict with low-pass filters between the sub and receiver.

    Can anyone help?

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    Neil Joseph
    Either way will work.

    The traditional approach is to hook via a subwoofer cable to the LFE out on the receiver, set the receiver to crossover at 80Hz, then set the sub crossover to maximum so that there is no conflict due to both devices (sub and receiver) doing the low-pass filtering (crossover).
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    He will not get "5.0" if he connects the subwoofer using speaker lever inputs.

    The user must electronically set (at the receiver) the sub to "no/off" and the mains to "large". This will redirect the dedicated LFE channel to the mains output.

    By connecting the mains output from the receiver to the sub first, the sub "sees" all the bass for the mains, and also "sees" the LFE channel (hence retaining 5.1). The user then selects (at the sub) the crossover point to the mains, and then runs wires from the sub to the mains.

    Hope this makes sense.


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