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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by cazten, Jul 9, 2009.

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    Hey guys im brand new here, and rather brand new to home audio (have been into car audio for a while). I basically need some help picking out a reciever for my application. So ill go ahead and toss out my budget and needs here and if you guys could point me in the right direction for what i should look at id appreciate it.

    So basically my budget is about 400 bucks, and I'd like to stay as low as possible.. I know its not much but the speaker setup is draining me :P.
    Im going to be running two ellisaudio 1801b monitors. Im not sure if you guys know what those are, but there rather very high quality monitors. Seas Excels, hiquphons ect. In terms of speakers this is ALL im going to be running. So theoretically i dont exactly need the crazy 7 channel surround sound stuff for anything more than future upgrading. What i would like is the absolute maximum amount of power per channel, or the ability to bridge if thats even possible here. Also note, the best quality power available in this price range is top priority along with the max power.

    Now heres the kicker where it gets a little tricky and i had some trouble finding something that fit the bill for me. I currently run my laptop audio and video through hdmi to my flatscreen (47in sharp aquos). Not constantly of course but fairly frequently as this is how i tend to run music and gaming. I was hoping to find a reciever that would be capable of taking the hdmi output from my laptop and running the audio through it, hence allowing me to run computer audio through the tv monitors. I saw some recievers specifically state (like denon 1609) that the hdmi didnt run audio, just video. Also i dunno if this would be limited anyways, but obviously id want to continue being able to run my laptop video through the system to the TV also. So if theres any complications with that let me know.
    The idea behind running the audio through hdmi for my laptop is 1. cutting down on numerous cables running from my laptop already (the audio out jack is inconvieniently located right my my mouse position) and 2. I dont think my audio out is digital high def anyways (just a normal 3.5m jack). Although my computer does have a opotion for SPDIF digital out so its possible that jack might be capable of digital out with an adapter?
    Anyway you slice it i have the distinct option of sending my audio through hdmi alone, so the ability to do this and cut down on cables is much prefered.

    Past the laptop issue I dont need anything fancy. Most systems seem to have a couple hdmi inputs for other devices such as dvd player, ect.

    So summarizing again. Requirements are
    1. Under $400ish
    2. Capability to run audio from laptop hdmi
    3. Cleanest and highest wattage onboard amplification

    Suggestions please? Thank you
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    Take a look at the Onkyo TX-SR507. It lists for $399, I'm sure you can find it on-line for less. It can do DTS-MA and DD-HD so it should handle audio through HDMI. It has 75 watts per channel at 8 ohm, or 100 at 6 ohm.

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