help with putting in-wall speaker wires

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Jason_Chen_LA, Feb 26, 2004.

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    is there any tools to help with putting speaker wires in-wall? how to locate the position to drill in-between the sheetrocks? after drilling and putting in the wires, how to get the other end? (from attic to the baseboard is about 12 feet)


  2. Mitch G

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    You'll definitely need fishtape. This is found in the electrical department and consists of flat steel rolled up inside a holder that you use to feed and reel-in the fishtape. This is used to fish wires through the walls.

    The real trick is deciding where you want and can put your speakers. It's likely that you'll want to mount your speaker mounts on studs. So you need to find studs. This can be done with a stud finder, or if you can find an outlet box on the same wall for the phone, say, you can open that up and you'll likely find a stud nearby. Then you can measure 16-inch spaces (studs are spaced on 16" centers)to the general area where you want your speakers.

    Once you know where the studs are, you also can get an idea of where the spaces between studs are. For one speaker I recently ran wiring for, I actually came up through a return for the furnace and then drilled a hole between the return space and the space where I actually wanted the speaker. Then I used fishtape to get the wire from the speaker's location into the return and then to pull the wire down the return into the basement.

    For another speaker, I had a phone jack in the right stud space and so I followed that lead, so to speak and fished the speaker wire along side the phone wire into the crawlspace.

    At the receiver end of the wire, I had a cable-TV jack in the right area so I drilled a new hole from the crawl space next to where the cable was going into the wall cavity. Then, I fished the wire from the crawl into the cable jack box location.

    Another tool I found helped a little, was one of those laser level devices. It made it easier to place the speaker mounts at the same height.

    Hope this helps,

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    This link should help.
    Dropping Wires In-Wall from an Attic

    Keep in mind that if you have 12 ft. ceilings, there will probably be cross-braces in the wall. These make it more difficult getting the wire all the way down the wall.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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