help with powering car audio equipment

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    I'm building a boombox using car audio gear and the only problem I haven't solved is the ac to dc power conversion. I've read numerous suggestions on using an atx power supply, but some say that it is "dirty" power. So I've started looking for a 12v regulated power supply. From what I've gathered it looks like it would need to be 10-15 amps to drive the head unit.
    Any other ideas or suggestion on where to look?
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    It's been 10 years since I had my current system installed so not sure what "dirty" power is regarding but I think my system is like this.....
    I have an 8awg wire from battery to my amp(had 2 amps but removed one for space along with my sub), I also have 8awg ground. My head unit is wired up how my stock stereo was, I believe power and antenna wire, then I have my antenna and RCA from my HU to my amp.
    I don't know if that is what you need.
    edit - I have never seen an atx power supply, how hardcore is this setup? I have never had more than 2 amp, an amp for my Sub and an amp for my Highs.

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