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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Javed Patka, Jun 17, 2006.

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    As I am still not sure exactly what features i want or even need I have a list of receivers, subwoofers and speakers. I am hoping you guys can help me mix and match to create a good system.

    Here are all of the suggestions I've gotten:

    my price range is to 600-800.

    Receivers : Onkyo TX-SR503, Harman Kardon AVR 240 ($316), Harmon Kardon AVR 235 ($340)

    Most people either suggest some onkyo receiver or these two harmon kardons.

    Speakers: Athena Point5 System MK II ($200)
    Athena B1.2 for front and rear($120 each pair so $240 for 4 speakers),
    Athena Technologies
    Audition C1.2 ($130)
    Energy take 5.2 system ($420)

    Subwoofer: Athena ASP4000 ($150), DAYTON SUB-100 10" 125 WATT POWERED ($125), svs pb10NSD ($430 most probably too expensive).

    Any more suggestions??

    I'll go ahead and try to describe what im shooting for. I've put this at the end for those of you who actually care

    I have a Sony VPL-PX11 projector on which I plan on getting an HDTV cable box from comcast and hooking up to with a component to VGA cable. Along with that I will be playing a lot of videos from my laptop which will be connected to the surround sound using a Y cable and the projector using a VGA cable. I watch TV mainly for sports and I used my Computer to watch TV shows and Movies because I am never here to watch it so I just download them. I used to play my XBOX a lot but I think I've gotten out of the habbit but I am sure once in a while I might pull it out.

    I am not that big of a audio buff but I have learned that buying a HTIB is not the way to go so I am just looking for a good starter system. I'm the kind of guy that wouldnt notice slight differences in systems. I just want good quality sound so help out guys.

    So 600-800. I want to get enough help so I can go ahead and get this system soon because I cannot hook up my projector until I have sound for it and I dont have a tv in this room so I am missing all of the world cup matches .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You may want to check out the new x-series over at If I was looking to spend around 600 I would probably look at those. I think they are sold out until mid July but they have been getting rave reviews. They bookshelves are $200 and the upcoming floorstanders are $300. And on top of that, they are great to look at.


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