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    I’m looking to put together a home theater system for a new house. I have a max budget of $2250. I hope you could offer some good advice as to which brands would suit this project.
    This is what I will need...for the surround sound system (room dimensions 16 X 23)
    DVD player (progressive)
    2 bookshelf speakers
    1 center channel speaker
    1 subwoofer
    surge protector
    cables and speaker wire
    (2 8” symphony select in ceiling speakers will already be installed for the rear speakers-are these speakers any good?)
    also need a separate receiver and cd player (5 disc changer) to run 4 outdoor speakers. (speakers already installed..not sure what brand but a marine speaker)
    If you need any more info, please let me know
    Will be getting a new TV (36” HDTV) at a later date.
    Thanks for the help
  2. Jack Briggs

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    Jun 3, 1999
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    Mark, what has your own research revealed thus far?
  3. Mike Matheson

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    Maybe consider checking out eBay to pick up a CD changer and receiver/amp for the outdoors system. I doubt you'll need audiophile-level equipment for out there, and eBay can help you get the gear VERY inexpensively.
    A friend of mine just picked up six different CD changers on eBay for under $30 each--all of them functional. So I know there are deals around there.
    DVD player-wise, you couldn't go wrong with the Panny RP82, if you can find one.
    Bill Kane's contribution to the HTF Primer on Surge Protectors: here
    And his overview to budget (

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