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Help with my new Den AVR-1603! (1 Viewer)

Brian McL

May 23, 2003
I got everything working fine on it exept one thing, and then I have a question.

The thing I can't get to work is setting up the remote to work with my TV. I have a Toshiba 20" Flatscreen. I followed the directions.

->Switch to Audio and TV on the remote.

->Type in the codes to get one to work.

I tried all of the 3 digit codes. After one didn't work I reseted the switches and then typed in the new one and checked by pressing the channel/audio buttons.

Anyone know why it won't work? I am aware that my TV may not be compatible. Does it matter where my remote is pointing when I put in the codes?

And now on to the question...

I have a Polk SW-303 sub woofer. I am not sure how to hook it up. The back of the receiver has a sub "pre out". On the back of the sub it has an L and R in and an unfiltered in. Do I hook it into the single unfiltered one, or into just the L one (which I currently have it, and it seems to work) or do I get a Y splitter and split it into the L and R?

Thanks in advance!


Stunt Coordinator
Aug 29, 2002
not sure about your problem, but I can help on the sub hookup:

I'd recommend doing this... in the internal menu's of your receiver set all your speakers to small and your sub to yes.

Take the cord out of your subwoofer out on the back of the receiver into the LFE(or unfiltered) on the sub.

If you have your speakers set as small and the sub out into the l or r on the sub you will be double filtering your speakers, and that's not really recommended.

Hope that helps.

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