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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Anthony Moore, Dec 25, 2005.

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    I have a Dell Dimension 9100 with the Nvidia 6600GT video card. I go from my video card to my Sony non-hdtv tv with s-video.

    Now, I use Theatertek to play my movies which are are ripped at full quality onto my hard drives. When I play dvds through Theatertek I use the "dualview" option on the videocard so it play on my tv too.

    My problem is this: The picture quality when played on the Sony from my computer isnt all that great. Its not "bad." But its not as good as when I play straight from my dvd-player to my Sony TV through component cables. The PQ is kinda "faded" and not as sharp. it seems the colors are still there but the blacks arent as black..a "faded" picture is the best adjective I can think of.

    I HOPE that this is cause im using s-video and not component from the computer to the Sony...cause then my answer would be simple..but could it be the "dualview" option? Or anything else anyone can thnk of? I dont wanna go buy expensive cables if thats not the issue...

    any ideas?

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    The problem is almost certainly the computer-to-tv conversion in the laptop itself. In other words, just the fact that you're using the TV out will give you a really poor quality picture compared to putting the DVD in a dedicated player and outputting via component video.

    The above will introduce blurriness and a less sharp and detailed image. The "faded-ness" may be an issue with your settings. Try going to the advanced settings for your graphics in Windows and adjusting things for the overlay there. You'll find contrast and brightness, for instance, and gamma. Those should affect the image if you do some tweaking.

    You'll never get the image to match the dvd+component combo using the TV out though, I'd say.
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    Stay away from the s-video cable. It's not a high def cable.
    Find a transcoder like this.
    You can even get a DVI/VGA adapter for less than $20.00 and use it on the DVI out of the videocard to the transcoder using a VGA cable.
    From the transcoder use a component cable to the TV.
    I switch all the time between a 17" monitor and my projector using a keyboard function key.
    Crescendo even has a PCI slot transcoder if you want to cut down on the cabling.

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