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Oct 15, 2008
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Hi all - even after reading the forums to the n-th degree, I still don't feel educated enough on this subject, so I thought I'd come get some help.

Here's my situation: I'm trying to put together a system for < $1000; the system will be used primarily for video gaming for the time being, but eventually once I get everything settled in and setup, I'll be streaming my music collection across as well.

I'd like a really nice system, but know that on my budget, I'll be waiting til I've got a real job (post-college) to build one. Also, it'd be wasted in the apartment I'm living in. For the time being, I'm looking to get components that offer room to grow.

For the most part, I'd settled on getting a Yamaha HTR-6160, since they run about $350 on eBay, and are sufficiently full-featured to suit my current needs, with some room to grow.

The speakers, though are what have been killing me. Initially I'd planned on getting a Fluance SX-HTB+ setup, but after reading more and more and more, it seems like there are definitely better ways to go.

The room I have to work with is ~16' x 10' x 8', but isn't fully self-contained, given that it's a little apartment.

I'd been toying with the idea of building a nicer 2.1 system, perhaps Axiom M2 or M3's for example, and an SVS sub, and adding to it as I have income.

I do like the idea of having full towers, but if I get a good system with a good woofer (SVS for example) their extended range isn't absolutely necessary, right?

However, just today, I saw this: HT-S6100 at Circuit City and it seems like a decent choice as well, given the price and capabilities of the receiver. I'm sorta inclined toward this because I can put it on my CircuitCity card, which I'm already financing my TV on: this would let me offset the cost over a few years (0% interest) rather than paying it all off (which I can do if I have to).

Also, in town somebody is selling a Polk 5.1 setup , but I hear that their speakers can be a bit bright, even with a nice receiver.

So, given that all that, what think the experts?

TL;DR: I'm building my first system, trying to stay in budget, and would like some advice.

David Willow

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Jan 23, 2004
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I've heard good things about the Onkyo HTiB. I own an Onkyo AVR and really like it. It should be a good starter system. It decodes the newer HD formats as well.

I also like the Fluance speakers. I used them for a while until I was able to upgrade. They are decent for the cost. I would think they are better than the speakers you will get with the Onkyo.

Maybe look around for a clearance Onkyo 605 or 705 and pair it with the Fluance speakers.... Then save for a good sub.

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