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Help with my 43UWX (1 Viewer)


Mar 27, 2000
Hoping I can get some expert advice
I'm loving my new Hitachi 43UWX, but I am seeing some blue convergence issues around bright whites on dark backrounds and also with white lettering. Always to the "left" of where the black/white come together, and some occasional green to the right side of the screen. My wife doesn't really notice it, but I can see it. Am I being anal, or is there something I can do to easily fix it?
I took some pix last night. (43 UWX Blues Pictures ) I shut off all light sources in the room. Sat about a foot in front of the screen, and used a long shutter speed to try and saturate the frame. It worked well. You can REALLY see the "shadowing" of color. Keep in mind, it looks worse in these pictures than it does in person.
The pix are; a menu on the Xbox game "Rallysport Challenge" (which is connected via component video)
A shot of Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show"
(connected via analog cable. Not digital or HD)
& a few shots from the "Final Fantasy" DVD (also connected via component video)
Sorry for the image size. They are HUGE, but I wanted to give a nice close up of what's going on.
What do you think I can/should do??
Thanks Christo

David WS

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 25, 2002
It looks to me like a convergence issue. In some of the pictures it looks like your green and blue guns are very different. I've read that with this set, you should leave the green gun alone and adjust the blue and red to match it. Did you get a chance to go through the convergence process I sent you? I had some locations on my tv that looks like that, but not nearly that extreme. Have you used magic focus? Since this is a new set the convergence may drift quite a bit for the first few weeks. Also, make sure the set is on for a LEAST 30 minutes before attempting to converge or use the magic focus feature.
Did you get lucky with the tv fitting into your entertainment center or did you have to make some mods like I did? It looks great. Where is the rest of your equipment? I have to get some pictures posted of my setup. :frowning:


Mar 27, 2000
I have gone into the conv grid, but I honestly don't have a clue what to do in there. So I'll leave it to the experts. :)
I have a Hitachi svc tech coming out on Monday
TV ended up fitting PEFECTLY.(Living room)
I have my reciever and CD player on the bottom cabinet on the right, and my Xbox and DVD player on the left.
Thanks again

Matt Sheeler

May 15, 2002
I haad a Hitachi that hade pretty much the same effects on it, all I had to do was the 64 point convergence, and that straightened it right out. Check out this post at hometheaterspot, it'll tell you how to do it step by step. I tried it and found it to be fairly easy the first time around.

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