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    Quick...What's the least expensive route to go for HDTV? I have a Toshiba 50H82 and I'd like the Super Bowl in HD. Thank you in advance for any and all responses.
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    Jim, I’m sorry but I don’t know the specs on your TV. I assume from your post that it can display HD, but does not have an HD tuner.

    Being able to get inexpensive HD quickly depends on your location.

    No satellite service will carry the Super Bowl in HD.

    Your local cable company might, if they carry your local channels in HD (most do not) and specifically your local ABC channel in HD. In this case just get the HD service from your cable company. They will supply the box to decode the HD signal.

    If your cable does not have your local ABC HD channel, your only option is to pick the signal over the air (OTA). First your local ABC station must be telecasting HD (this is a separate channel). Secondly you must be close enough to pick up the signal. How close you are depends on what kind of antenna you will need. I use rabbit ears, but you might need an antenna in the attic or on a roof mount.

    You need a receiver (or tuner, or set top box (STB)) to decode the digital, HD signal. If you have a satellite service, you need to but one that accepts both satellite and OTA signals. Some Dish and all DirectTV HD STBs will do this. You can by a model that is no longer being manufactured, but is still new (RCA 100 or Hughes E86) for under $450 at most locations. If you are lucky you might find an open box model for less. There are also some of these models that are available on eBay for less, as owners are buying the new models and selling their older ones.

    If you don’t have a satellite service there are OTA only receivers from manufactures such as Samsung. New ones cost a little about the same as the satellite boxes discussed earlier.
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    Since you need to setup quickly for this Sunday, even cable might be too late if they offer ABC in HD.

    IF you can normally receive OTA analog signals reasonably well, probably, your best bet is to go to a store and buy an OTA-only receiver like the Samsung SIR-T151 and then sell it on eBay when you're done. You may or may not also need to get the new antenna for this, but your odds w/ existing antenna should be good if you normally get all the local OTA analog signals very easily, especially UHF ones since most digital broadcasts are use the UHF frequencies.

    To get a good idea of what antenna you need and what HD broadcasts are available to you, check this site:

    For the Super Bowl, you only need ABC's digital broadcast.


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