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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Rob Michaw, Aug 16, 2004.

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    My room is in the basement. I have it sealed and insulated very well (sound insulation). I have also installed a solid core door. I have one vent leading into the room, and no return. The room is 19x12. When I have a few people in the room for more than an hour, it gets a little stuffy.

    The other side of my HT is the open area in the furnace room. I haev complete access to return ducts etc. What should I do to cool the room down? I am most concerned about room temperature and sound leakage. My house has two furnaces (one for up and one for main floor). If I add a return and link it to my ducting, will I not be creating a big whole for sound spillage upstairs? Could I just cut a hole in the wall and vent into the open basement? Would that transmit sound upstairs worse than hooking into the ductwork?

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    you definatly need an air return, as for sound why not just into the furnace room? that room's already loud
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    I think you’ve already figured it out, Rob but here’s your problem:
    Why should it? You already have an intake vent. Any evidence it’s transferring sound throughout the house?

    Just use some of that flexible A/C tubing that has internal fiberglass built in. You could make it a little too long – that would mean extra bends that would help absorb anddeaden any sound waves that might escape the room.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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