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    Dec 20, 2002
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    I'm new to the forum. I've been looking for some home theater towers and center channel. I've listened to a few and have narrowed my search to Boston Acoustic. Their VR-M series is fantastic, but very pricey. Anyone have any suggestions as to other great brands you've had success with. Thanks, Scott

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    May 15, 2002
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    Hello Scott,
    I have had my Dahlquist QX10's and QX60C for 6 months now and absolutely love them. A friend just yesterday couldn't believe the imaging and wide/deep (3-D frankly) sound-stage from them in 2 channel stereo). He pointed to a spot above and forward from the speakers that he could hear a percussion bell ringing. He made me switch between multiple and two channel settings on my receiver to be sure I wasn't fooling him.
    Before I bought them I looked/listened to Polk, Infinity, Klipsch, and Paradigm locally. None of them were satisfactory, nor were the prices all that great. I used to sell a/v back in the 80's (Bose, Infinity, Advent, Boston Acoustics, etc.) So, I started haunting forums like this and learned of the Axioms, Energys, and Dahlquists (also HTD, Ascend, etc.). More than a few people were recommending Marc H.'s help from the Audio Shop in Ottawa.
    [email protected]
    So, I emailed Marc and he called me back (on his dime). We talked about the Axioms and I was ready to order when I asked him about anything else in the price range that he could suggest. He mentioned that the Dahlquists were consistently being chosen over the Axioms, Energys, and Paradigms in his showroom with a/b comparisons. I was intrigued, but knew nothing of the Dahlquists. So, I worked hard to get educated and finally decided to go for it.
    Marc's service, price, helpfulness were/are better than anyone I've ever worked with (local or Internet). You would do well to at least talk with him.
    Best to you,
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    Nov 14, 2001
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    I think for the money you can do better. The VRM80's are $2000, and I think that for that much money you can do better. Have a listen to B&W, NHT, Paradigm, PSB. All very good brands, and I think, better value and speaker for the money.
    Rght now I am looking at some NHT ST-4's and I think they sound much better than my VRM-50's. Maybe in the future when I'm ready to abandone my bookshelves and go to floor standers thats what I'll get.

    Nick L

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