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    i am moving into an older home with fuses instead of breakers, i have been told that it is a 90 amp setup, how many amps will a home theater draw?
    I have a Denon 3801, Sony Wega and numerous other toys.
    What do i need to do?
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    First 90 AMP's is the total power coming in. Most circuits are 15 Amps, and usually all outlets are 15 - 20 Amps. Usually the only 20 Amp outlets would be in the kitchen, so the circuits in the family or living room are 15 amps. You should have the same AMP fuse on that circuit as any of us, however there are most likely less fuses (breakers) and outlets in the house. As a result you will likely have more items plugged into a circuit then a newer home.
    Second, if you want to know the maximum current draw of your equipment, you'll have to look at the back panels of your equipment. You should have less then 1600 ([email protected]) watts max or 15 Amps max per circuit if my calculations were correct. On my home theater I've used a separate line just for the HT with a 20 Amp breaker and 12 gauge romax going to it. (actually thats how it was at first, now there is a UPS in the garage that it's connected to)
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