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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by matt1212, Dec 13, 2010.

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    Hello all, I am new to this site as well as HDTV/HT. I am quite the car audiophile tho, so not new to the concept of high quality entertainment.

    Im looking to get into home theater. Im about to pull the trigger on a Samsung 50" 3d plasma 8000 series from best buy, for $1700. The package includes a 3d BD player and 2 pairs of active shudder classes. Is this a good deal? Any other suggestions? The reviews on the tv seem very solid, with the only occasional problems being those standard to plasma, which can be avoided if you use precautions I believe. (break it in, dont keep a static image on the screen too long, etc..)

    Secondly, I was going to purchase one of the following HTIB setups for audio.

    Any opinions on which would be better for my setup? If it matters, the room will most likely be my bedroom, measuring ~16x20. Ive been doing a lot of research recently but these are questions I just havent been able to answer. Thanks a lot guys
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    Greetings Matthew,

    While you are on the right path on the Onkyo package you mentioned, often I am a little doubtful on the performance on these systems.
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    The Onkyo system seems decent and worth the money. Not so much for the Samsung.

    There are a few concerns when buying HTIBs. (1) the receiver doesn't offer a resonable number of input connections. This is important because despite what most people think, you do not want to connect everything to your TV and then run a cable to the receiver. You want to connect everything the the receiver and then run a cable to the the TV. (2) HTIB speakers are usually of lesser quality. (3) When they include a DVD player it is inferior, and worse, when it breaks you have to replace the entire component instead of just the DVD player. Combining (1) & (3), you often can't just attach another DVD player, say a Bluray, because of limited connection options.

    Going against the grain, Onkyo gets a lot of votes on the forum because they do include a regular receiver in their HTIB packages. And that's what you're seeing in the model you listed. The speakers in that system probably aren't great, but they won't hurt your ears either.

    Can't comment on the TV.

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