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Help With Enclosure for Two 12" Eminence (1 Viewer)

Sep 14, 2002
Hey all,

I recently picked up a pair of cheap Eminence 12" off of ebay and I'm trying to make something work with them. Amp is PE 250 watt plate amp and the driver specs are as follows.

*Power handling: 200 watts RMS
*VCdia: 2"
*L1k: 3.75 mH
*Impedance: 8 ohms
*Re: 5.20 ohms
*Frequency range: 27-700 Hz
*Fs: 27 Hz
*SPL: 93 dB 2.83V/1m
*Vas: 5.50 cu. ft.
*Qms: 12.75
*Qes: .34
*Qts: .33
*Xmax: 5.5 mm - this scares me, but why not try.


The subs will be used probably 60% hometheater 40% music.

After some WinISD time I've found that a clamshell isobaric 2.75 cu ft tuned to 25hz gives me good results, but I've never tried anything isobaric before. It leaves me 3db down at 28hz which is fine with me. The room is quite small at 16' x 12'.

These subs model terribly with any sealed enclosure and a ported enclosure isn't much better. Is there a way to model two separate small sealed enclosures in WinISD?

Can anybody find an enclosure that works better than what I have come up with? I would like to keep the box under 3 cu ft. Worst comes to worst I can resell them on ebay and just go for the Dayton 12" Quattro PR sub I was thinking of.

Thanks for your help, and sorry for the long post.



Dec 3, 2006
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Joe Eaton
I would check out this web site.


Look under speakers and find "The Housewrecker". You won't be disappointed. Also check out the white papers for different speaker set ups. I have a couple of versions of this design and everyone has turn out incredible. The Housewrecker is very versatile from HT to music it can just about do it all. On the other hand the DB12 is a good choice but I do not know how well the speakers will do in that type of enclosure. Good Luck!


Ryan Schnacke

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Feb 5, 2001
These Eminence woofers are not the right woofers for you. You are right to be concerned about the very low excursion. And by using them as an isobaric pair, you're throwing away 1/2 of the output in order to fit a smaller box. They'll exceed Xmax with only 150 watts at 35Hz.

A single Quatro 12 in the same box would reach Xmax with 200 watts at 39Hz. That gives you about 6dB more than the Eminence pair through most of the bass range.

Also, I'm not sure why you prefer to use PR's with the Quatro. Usually PR's are used when its not practical to achieve sufficient porting in a small box. But you can easily tune a 2.75cuft box to 25Hz. 4 inch diameter port 16.75 inches long. Better yet, just use one of the 4 inch aeroports. The stock length should get you very close to 25Hz. Should save you some money vs. using PR's.

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