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    I have a "digital" cable box (notice the quotes). Anyway it has no S-Video out or digital audio out, only coax and RCA's. I went ahead and hooked it up with the RCA's to my receiver and selected auto format decode, but it never recognizes any shows as being in Dolby Surround. Everything comes through in stereo only. What am I doing wrong?
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    First off, it doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong. I have a Sony DSS receiver connected optically and via RCA cables to a Sony 50 ES receiver. When the receiver is in AFD mode, it will ALWAYS play two-channel content in stereo, no matter how it is encoded, which is one of the many qualities that makes me loathe my receiver.
    In order to get DPL to work properly on two-channel sources (thus, for almost all DPL content), I have to select a surround mode on the receiver. This is annoying, but apparently, this is just how my receiver works. Anyway, I hope that helps you out.
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    Hi Wallace,
    I have a digital cable box as well (except mine does have svideo and digital outs). I had a similiar issue to the one that you are describing. Since our boxes are not the same I don't know if this would apply but its worth checking out anyway.
    On my set top box it doesn't put stereo out on the coax output. In fact, if I hook up the coax output, I also will not get stereo out of my L+R audio jacks either. I had to disconnect the coax output and then reset my box. Then I had both stereo and dolby pro logic.
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