Help with choosing correct DefTech for new HT

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  1. Praful Patel

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    Sep 1, 2002
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    I am building a new house and Because of space limitations I cannot use the bp2000's. Therefore I have decided to go with the PowerMonitor 900's for Front L & R and CLR 2300 or 2500 for center. I will use them for Movies 70%/Music 30%. Will have a 65" Mits Diamond with Sony ES Reciever.

    Two questions:

    1. I want to add an SVS sub to handle LFE signals for Movies and I was wondering if that would make too much base (esp for Music)?

    2. I am setting up a 7.1 system with wiring in place already and wanted to use 2 BPX on sides but I am concerned about bipolars used for the two in the back. Aren't the backs supposed to be unidirectional for DTS ES??

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!
  2. Kris Coffin

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    Jun 19, 2002
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    I am currently using the pb200's for my fronts and the clr300 for the center. Personally I would recommend an additional sub for the system. Knowing what I know now, I would have opted for unpowered speakers, and spent the cash on a dedicated sub. Def Tech has a nasty habit of schewing there freq ratings for how low you can go with their powered speakers.

    As far as the rars go, I also have the BPVX/p's, I find them amazing for the sound-stage created in the rear. The bipolars make it incredibly large. The only issue I had with them again, was the bass response. I have actually turned off the powered woofers in them as they kept bottoming in movie like lotr and aotc.

    Planning in the recent future to pick up a SVS, don't think you will have any issue with too much bass. IMHO.

    Hope this helps


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